Find a Certified Nurse Midwife to Assist With Your Childbirth Delivery

Find a Certified Nurse Midwife to Assist With Your Childbirth Delivery

Childbirth Postpartum Care in Plymouth & Sandwich, MA

Childbirth can be both exciting and scary, but we'll be with you throughout the entire process. Louise Racine Bastarache, Certified Nuse Midwife of Plymouth & Sandwich, MA offers labor support services to take care of your needs during labor.

We take a natural approach to childbirth in a hospital setting. The labor and delivery occurs in the birth room, and your baby will never be out of your sight. Once your baby is born, we provide skin to skin for the first hour and breast feeding support. Postpartum, there is 24/7 support and access to support groups, so you can foster relationships to help you ease into motherhood.

Contact me at either location to learn more about our childbirth and postpartum services.

What to expect while laboring

We offer one-on-one nursing care to make sure your birth goes as smoothly as possible. Here's what you can expect during the birth process:

  • We'll take care of you and coach you through your labor
  • You can choose to deliver your baby naturally or with an epidural
  • You'll enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and be able to deliver in the position of your choice
  • We have support of an obstetrician and pediatrician if needed

You can count on Louise Racine Bastarache, Certified Nurse Midwife to guide you through the childbirth process.