Don't Carry the Weight of Pregnancy Alone

Don't Carry the Weight of Pregnancy Alone

Pregnancy Prenatal Care with a Nurse Midwife in Plymouth & Sandwich, MA

Whether you're pregnant with your first child or your fifth, it's important that you have the proper guidance at every stage. You can rely on Louise Racine Bastarache, Certified Nurse Midwife of Plymouth & Sandwich, MA to monitor your pregnancy and make sure you're taking the right steps. We want you to make the right decisions for the health of your body and your baby.

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We'll guide you through every trimester with pregnancy & prenatal care

Your health and comfort during the different stages of pregnancy are important to the development of your baby. Here's how we'll help you maintain your body and prepare for childbirth: Each trimester Louise will heck vital signs, weight and the baby's heartbeat.

  • First trimester - She'll help you get used to being pregnant, tackle morning sickness, get to know you and the people in your life.
  • Second trimester - She will set you up with classes that focus on parenting, the baby anatomy screen, infant birth and similar topics.
  • Third trimester - She will focus on the growth of the baby and the changes the mother is experiencing. She also assist you in coming up with a birth plan.

Work with Louise Bastarache to manage your health during your pregnancy.