Success Stories

Dolores H. - South Dartmouth, MA

I chose a midwife because during my first pregnancy I went with a traditional obstetrics practice and I did not feel I was receiving the personalized service I needed to make me feel comfortable with the changes my body was experiencing and the anxiety of having a baby. I needed someone to listen to my concerns and guide me through the process. It was also very important to me to know who would be supporting me at the time of labor and depending on the “doctor on call” was not something I wanted for that special moment in my life.

I started seeing my midwife at about 30 weeks of pregnancy with my first baby and from the first moment I knew I was in the right place. Everything about my midwife, the office and the hospital where I finally gave birth, spoke of an affirmant of loving, caring people waiting for a miracle to happen and not being treated as if I were “sick” and needed medicine.

Everything about my son's birth was wonderful, even the pain as it lead me to my little “very active” 2 year old. And so I wanted to repeat the experience with the same group of people when I was expecting my little girl.

Everyone's experience is unique, but I know that without my midwife's help and instead of receiving caring support, encouragement and overall patience through my labor, I would have received medication to “rush” things and to be “pain free.” I would not have had such wonderful birthing experiences as I did. I remember those two moments in my life with deep respect for the human body and nature and as the most wonderful and miraculous moments in my life.

Deborah M. - Sagamore, MA

What's not to love about Louise Bastarache and Certified Nurse-Midwiferycare?—-Prenatal care in a warm and homey setting; unrushed appointments with time to address all my questions, concerns, and even fears; the same professional care and accurate testing found in an OB/GYN office; close to where I live; and a hospital experience like no other.

Truthfully, I chose Wareham Nurse-Midwives from a flyer card I had received in the mail, but what a blessed choice I made! From the beginning, Louise wanted to listen to everything I had to say and respected my birthing choices without question. She always returned my phone calls promptly and personally, even giving me guidance and encouragement by phone while I was laboring at home.

In the hospital, I felt like a special guest under Louise's care. I was never “not allowed” to do anything in labor and delivery, and Louise was with me, talking softly, encouraging me throughout both of my long labors (and mercifully short deliveries). She always made sure I was first priority.

I opted for completely natural birth with both of my daughters. I knew the pain would be intense and in our office visits Louise reassured me that I could do it. In the hospital she reassured and encouraged me the whole time! She provided warm compresses and oil for easier delivery of my babies' heads – I had no medication and no tearing with either delivery, and with both of my daughters I had fast, healthy “recoveries.”

One need only mention Louise's name to anyone in the maternity ward or any of her clients to discover how much she is loved, respected and admired by all who surround her professionally.

Midwives trust the natural process of birth and want only the best for your family and your new baby. I trust Louise completely; my family and I love her as a dear friend and midwife. I have chosen to continue care with her for all of my GYN needs, and would joyfully return for prenatal and birthing care should we blessed with another pregnancy. There is no doubt that care under Louise Bastarache is the best care I can get, and midwifery care is the respectful, nurturing care that my family and I deserve.

Polli Jo M. - Truro, MA

Pregnant with my second child, I chose Wareham Nurse Midwives after moving back to this area from Boston. I wasn't looking for a midwife over a doctor; just a good practice, which is what I found. Louise has helped me deliver four of my five children. Delivering babies and caring for mothers is not just a job for Louise – it's a calling. She is competent, caring, encouraging and truly gifted at what she does. She helped make the best experiences of my life even better.”

Leanne D. - Marion, MA

I first became Louise's patient while pregnant with my third child. I was new to the area and had delivered my first two children with an ob/gyn. I wasn't necessarily looking for a nurse-midwife, but my friends couldn't say enough about Louise, so I went with their recommendation. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Louise had a way of making me feel as if I were her only patient. When visiting her office, she took the time to listen to concerns, answer questions and offer support and encouragement. If felt comfortable asking her anything, and not once did I feel she was in a hurry to see her next patient. By encouraging my husband and I to devise a birthing plan, it was clear that Louise wanted us to take ownership of our baby's birth to envision what would make this a very special experience, and help put our ideas into action.
While I was laboring in the hospital, Louise was by my side the whole time offering words of encouragement, helping me to focus and providing a calming presence. It was a 180 degree difference from the ob/gyns who were present only for the few moments before I delivered, with the nurses (who were complete strangers) doing all the previous work. It was comforting to be with someone I'd developed a relationship with over time while in this very vulnerable and intimate moment.

During the pushing stage, Louise could tell that my baby was stuck on my pelvic bone and I began to feel a bit panicked. But Louise knew exactly what to do. She simply and calmly urged me to lay on my side and push in this new position. Only minutes later she told me to reach down and help pull my baby out. Words cannot describe what an amazing experience it was!
Since the birth of my child, Louise has provided ongoing support. She was an incredible resource when I experienced breast feeding difficulties and postpartum “blues.” And I know she's only a phone call away should I need her expertise again. I truly feel blessed and privileged that Louise was part of my pregnancy and child's birth.”

Nannie C. - Marion, MA

Pregnant with my first child, I had a lot of questions. We were living in Maine at the time, and I had chosen a female OB/GYN for prenatal care. But my visits rarely extended beyond ten minutes. There was never the time to answer my questions fully or address any worries. I felt rushed, ill informed and stressed. When we decided to move to this area during my sixth month, I knew I wanted a different relationship.

I asked for a lot of recommendations. Again and again, Louise's name was brought up. I didn't know a lot about midwifery, but was eager to learn more and scheduled an appointment. Louise made me instantly comfortable. Our initial meeting was over forty-five minutes and I had the leisure to ask about all my concerns and questions. In her quiet, self assured way, she helped me to envision a childbirth of my own design, encouraging me to take ownership not only of the pregnancy but of the birth and hospital stay.

While I had every confidence that medically I was receiving excellent care, Louise made me feel empowered and prepared, both physically and mentally.

When I did finally go into labor, both my husband and had a lot ofquestions.Was all this shaking normal? Were these painful contractions transition or just an introduction to what was to come? We labored at home for a while, but two hours before dawn, we headed to the hospital. Louise met us, and for the next seventeen hours, ushered us through the process with grace and quiet assurance, knowing just when to offer counter pressure on my aching back, or walk another lap with us and coach me through a contraction. When my son was crowning, I felt panicked and actually tried to get up and leave, but in her easy way, she assured me I could do this. With her guidance, I refocused and before I knew it, I was cradling Elias in my arms.
But her attention didn't end with the birth. In designing our birth plan, we had decided on rooming in, and wanted as much time as possible with the baby before he was taken to be weighed and bathed. She made sure the nurses adhered to our wishes, and it was clear they enjoyed a close rapport. Again and again, nurses mentioned to us how lucky we were to have had our baby with Louise. Later, she checked to make sure Elias as latching on correctly and that nursing was going well, before finally taking a break.

Seven and half years have passed since the birth of our first son. Two more children have followed and we are proud and privileged to have had Louise deliver all three. I feel blessed to have had her as my midwife and caregiver. She made me feel strong and capable at my most vulnerable time and I am forever grateful. I cannot say enough about the experience and recommend Louise highly.”

Rachel V. - Mattapoisett, MA

I am a big fan of Louise Bastaraches! I delivered my first two children with doctors in a large urban hospital. When I was looking for something more personal for my third and fourth, Louise and Tobey Hospital seemed like a great choice. What a difference! As opposed to the doctors who basically just showed up to “catch the baby”, Louise was with me throughout the deliveries. I really felt cared for and that she was “on my team”. She was incredibly kind, nurturing and patient throughout the deliveries, and was a calming influence when I started to “freak out” a bit. Largely because of Louise, my third and fourth deliveries were much more positive experiences than my first two.

While the fact that Louise is medically knowledgeable is important to me, I keep coming back to Louise because she feels like a friend. I am comfortable sharing just about any problems or concerns with her. The fact that she's a woman who has delivered five children of her own is a real plus in my eyes.

Recently, I received a form letter indicating a possible abnormality in the mammogram I had just had it was a Saturday morning and I couldn't contact the breast evaluation place until Monday. I was shaken by this letter and put in a call to Louise's answering service. Louise called me back in less than 2 minutes and talked me through the whole thing. After ordering and reviewing a fax of my report from the breast center on Monday, she called me with further reassurances. What a great friend and professional to have on my side!